• University of Dallas (Irving, TX)
  • Doctorate in Literature from the Institute of the Philosophical Studies May 2020 (expected)
  • University of Dallas (Irving, TX)
  • Master's of Arts in English Literature May 2016
  • Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, minor in Writing Magna Cum Laude May 2012
    Theory and Philosophy of Literature
  • “Seeing Myself” in Fictional Accounts: Understanding How We Relate to Fiction and How It Relates to Us
  • Jorge Luis Borges’ “Pierre Menard, Author of Quixote” narrates Menard’s attempt to recreate Cervantes’ 16th century novel out of his own experiences, thereby creating a new novel replete with 20th century philosophical and cultural relevance. This paper asks if Menard’s experiment would work with non-fiction to show how the meaning of a fictional account is rooted in the reader’s understanding of one’s self and one’s perception of the world relative to the logical set of expectations a given fiction provides throughout its narrative.
  • James Joyce’s Ulysses
  • Who’s Bloom When He’s At Home?: Defining “Metempsychosis” Relative to Bloom’s Psychological Transmigration from Cuckold to Husband
  • Functioning with a pseudo-Wittgensteinian/Fregeian understanding, that a word’s definition is contingent on its use in a sentence, this argument analyzes the repeated use of the term “metempsychosis” as indicative of
  • Leopold Bloom returning to his home and reclaiming his role as Molly’s husband.
  • The Gospel of John
  • A Note on “Bandit”: Reading John 18:40c in Light of the Good Shepherd Discourse
  • Concerning John 18:40, describing Barabbas as an “insurrectionist” is historically accurate, but it risks reinterpreting a pivotal detail in the Fourth Gospel. By analyzing the word, λῃστης, and its placement in John 18:40c and John 10, one recognizes how translating particular word as “bandit” connects John’s description of Barabbas to a major theme throughout John’s Gospel: the decision to affirm, or deny, Christ.
  • Lucent University
  • Create and develop an English Composition I curriculum for crosscultural students.
  • Record 18 Lectures for a global, online audience.
  • Playwright/Artist-in-Residence
  • Down the Ladder, Davis-Newport Theater, Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO) Authored an original script, which employed literalized allegory and explored themes of hope, loss, redemption, and a life well lived.
  • Collaborated with Theatre faculty throughout auditions, conceptualization of set design, creative direction, and final production of original play.
Scholarship recipient
University of Dallas (Irving, TX)
Merit-based, full-tuition scholarship plus stipend throughout doctoral studies at
the Institute of Philosophical Studies at UD.

Playwright of Featured Performance
46th Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival
Original production of “Down the Ladder” performed at the “Invited Scene Showcase” of
KCACTF’s regional meeting.

Theta Alpha Kappa
Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO)
Member of the National Honor Society for Religious Studies/Theology

Who’s Who Among Students in Spring American Universities and Colleges
Spring 2012

Dean's List

Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO)

Sigma Tau Delta
Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO)
Member of the International English Honor Society
Beggining of WORK EXPERIENCE tab
Writing Mentor
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Fort Worth, TX)
• Assist students, from undergraduate to doctorate program, in formulating an argumentative theses and supporting paragraphs, maintaining internal logic, and proofreading for grammatical and linguistic errors.

Brewed (Fort Worth, TX)
• Produce high-quality beverages in a dynamic, local hot spot near Fort Worth’s Cultural District.
• Facilitate and fulfill orders in a fast-paced restaurant.
• Assist co-workers in executing tasks to maintain smooth operation.

Shift Supervisor/Barista
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Fort Worth, TX)
• Coordinated with supervisor and management team on order placement, employee scheduling, and product research.
• Navigated interpersonal conflict between co-workers.
• Trained new employees.

Guest Services
Dead Sea Scrolls & The Bible Exhibition (Fort Worth, TX)
• Communicated exhibition information with guests.
• Facilitated guest needs and attended to special issues.
• Coordinated with co-workers to ensure efficient matriculation to process over 90,000 guests.

University Activities Council, Integration of Faith and Culture Chairperson
Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO)
• Organized, supervised, and executed 15-20 campus wide events, including faculty-lead discussions.
• Established and maintained professional relationships with agents, managers, and corporations.
• Built and trained a committee of fellow students.

Custodial Services
Canaan Baptist Church (St. Louis, MO)

    Reading Proficiency

    Reading Proficiency


The professors that teach the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program hold advanced degrees from the most prestigious Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Universities in the world including Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Baptist University, and Gateway Seminary. Lucent selects professors based on their faithfulness to the Scriptures, their academic background, lifetime achievements, and their ability to teach dynamic classes.