Our tuition cost varies according to the purchasing power of the Country you live. This makes Lucent University affordable to most people in the world. Before applying for a scholarship, please check how much your program costs by clicking here.

Scholarships are generally available for students in need of financial aid. If you feel you really need a scholarship, you will probably get it. However, it is important to consider a few things before applying.

We have the most economical program
We offer fair pricing for everyone
All your materials are included
You can divide your payments in monthly installments
We have a debt-free structure
Do I really need a scholarship?
Can the Lord provide for my tuition?
What percentage of discount do I really need?
Am I going to take the place of less fortunate students?
Can I commit to donate Lucent in the future to help others?

To apply for a scholarship, the candidate must fill out the form below and explain the reasons why he or she needs financial assistance. The email must include the program in which the student wants to enroll and the Country the student lives. The response time of how much financial aid the student qualifies normally takes a week.