Barry Voss is the President and co-founder of FaithLife Ministries along with his wife, Kim Star-Voss.

He graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1977 with a Master’s Degree in Economics and spent twenty eight years in the business world as an Economist and Database Marketer.

He has been training pastors and church leaders in the mission field since 1996 and was the developer of the Management for Church Leaders™ training course and manual in 2001. He has personally trained more than 10,000 pastors & church leaders in over 40 nations and has established a global trainer network of 70 trainers of this material in over 30 nations. The course material has also been published in a self-training book format for individual based training. He is the author of 3 other books, Transformed: Learning to Live by Faith (Xulon Press, 2013), About Face: A Call to Turn America Back to God (Xulon Press, 2015), and God’s Spirit at Work: Lessons From the Mission Field (Xulon Press, 2020).

He is a member of Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church in Alpharetta, GA and lead’s a men’s Bible study group and teaches adult classes. He also serves on their worship team as a guitarist and worship leader. In addition, he has written and recorded 3 albums of original Christian music. He and his wife Kim have two adult children and 5 grandchildren and live in Cumming, GA near Atlanta. For further information and background on their ministry, please visit

    About FaithLife Ministries

    FaithLife Ministries was started in January, 2001 by Barry Voss and Kim Star-Voss in order to provide ministry training and resources for church leaders around the world. They have a calling and a passion for discipling, equipping and training God’s people for ministry, particularly in parts of the world where there is little access or finances for such resources. They have been training pastors and children’s, youth, and adult ministry leaders in various countries with an emphasis on developing ministry leadership skills. Besides conducting training conferences and workshops, they create & develop their own training materials and resources and endeavor to encourage all believers to live a life of faith.

    Kim was formerly the Children’s Discipleship Minister at Christ the Shepherd Church in Alpharetta, GA where she ministered to over 500 children and adults. In addition to her ministry background Kim also worked for over 15 years as a manager of computer systems and projects in several large corporations. Barry is currently employed full-time in this ministry and also has over 20 years of business management experience. He is also involved in both worship and men’s ministry at their church. Kim and Barry have been married for 35 years and have two adult children.

    We would like to express our thanks to God, first of all, for making this project possible and for giving us the vision to develop this training manual. We would also like to thank Ken Jacques, Daryl Hoh, Doming Orprecio, Ayub Khayo and David Quispirroca for their assistance in editing and providing input to this material.


The professors that teach the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program hold advanced degrees from the most prestigious Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Universities in the world including Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Baptist University, and Gateway Seminary. Lucent selects professors based on their faithfulness to the Scriptures, their academic background, lifetime achievements, and their ability to teach dynamic classes.