His Doctor of Theology / Evangelism studies have been through the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC, God has called him to teach current and future ministry leaders worldwide on short-semester trips. He teaches in seminaries, evangelical colleges, seminars, and conferences.

He was raised in a mainline Protestant church where he never remembers hearing the gospel. As a result, He began searching for God in other religions. Finally, on a student retreat, He made the decision to trust Jesus completely for his salvation.

When he and his wife were in their early thirties, they sensed God’s call to missions and applied to serve with the International Mission Board. Because of a health issue, they were told to wait. So, they determined to do everything they could to help reach the nations where they were. God did some amazing things through the churches they served and they took many short-semester trips overseas. At this point in their lives, they felt strongly called to the short-semester teaching ministry.

Dr. Hardwicke, along with his wife, Michelle, have served in Portugal, Greece, Romania, Mexico, and Ethiopia. Michelle’s supportive and encouragement ministry multiplies our effectiveness.
    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
    Ph.D. May 2010
    Concentration: Evangelism
    Dissertation topic: An Examination of the Life and Work of Forgotten Missionary Pioneer T. J. Bowen
    Advisor: Dr. Alvin Reid

    Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, CA
    D.Min., 2002 (Leadership Track)
    Thesis: “A Training Process to Refine Leadership Skills of Lay Ministry Leaders”
    Advisor: Dr. Ron Hornecker

    Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX
    Post-graduate work 1982–3

    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX
    M.Div. 1975

    The University of Texas, Austin, TX
    B.A. in Biology, 1972
    Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Neosho, MO July
    2010 to November 2013

    Interim Pastor, Raleigh Road Baptist Church, Henderson, NC
    July 2007 through September 2009

    Senior Pastor, Frederick Blvd. Baptist Church, St. Joseph, MO
    1983 to 2006
    During this time the church grew six-fold, developed a wide-range of ministries to the community and mission work, supported the equivalent of more than six full-time ministry staff members, and relocated and built debt-free.

    Minister of Youth, Elmcrest Baptist Church, Abilene, TX
    1978 to 1982

    Minister of Youth, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Tucson, AZ
    1976 to 1977

    Campus Crusade for Christ, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas
    1971 to 1974
    Student leader in college, began and led a campus ministry at a junior college for two years, served on staff one summer and developed a ministry to high school students
    Gateway Seminary (formerly Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary)
    Associate Professor of Theology
    Fall 2014 to present

    Kathmandu, Nepal March 2017
    Taught a 3 day pastor’s conference to about 100 pastors

    Patna, India February 2017
    Taught a 5 day pastor’s conference to about 80 Dalit pastors

    Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary 2016
    Penang, Malaysia
    Taught 16 hours on “The Biblical and Theological Understanding of the Pastor.”
    Taught 16 hours on “A Training Process for Lay Leaders.”

    Oaxaca, Mexico, 2015
    Taught pastors and missionaries in remote locations.

    Evangelical Theological College 2015
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Taught 30 hours of “The Person and Work of Christ” to college students, many of whom are pastors.

    Portugal, Greece, Romania 2014
    Taught pastors and other leaders in seminary classroom and conference settings

    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
    Adjunctive Instructor in Evangelism
    Taught EVA5100 HYBR Evangelism: Nature & Practice
    Taught EVA5100 ONL Evangelism: Nature & Practice
    Summer 2013 and 2014

    Emmanuel University, Oradea, Romania
    Taught 7 hours of undergraduate classes in missiology
    Spring 2013

    Pastor’s Conference in Senegal, West Africa
    Taught 12 hours of Evangelism to about 100 pastors and missionaries from five countries
    Fall 2012

    Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, CA
    Adjunctive Instructor in Theology
    Taught Christian Theology II online
    Spring 2012

    Emmanuel University, Oradea, Romania
    Taught 16 hours of undergraduate and graduate classes in theology, evangelism, homiletics, missions
    One week in Spring 2011

    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
    Adjunctive Instructor of Evangelism
    Spring 2008

    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
    Teaching Fellow and Grader for Dr. Alvin Reid
    Spring 2007 through spring 2008

    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
    Field Education Group Leader
    Fall 2006
    Ph.D. studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
    History of Moral Theology
    Political Theology
    Missions and Theology
    Independent Studies Seminar: Evangelism and Eschatology
    Integrated Seminar section: Freedom of the Will
    Integrated Seminary section: Canon

    Theological Papers Written during Ph.D. Studies
    The Emerging Church: Homiletics and Theology
    The Influence of Premillennialism on Nineteenth-Century Missions
    The Eschatology of Selected Historical Leaders in Evangelism
    The Evangelism and Eschatology of the Jesus Movement
    The Political Theology of T. J. Bowen


The professors that teach the yyy hold advanced degrees from the most prestigious Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Universities in the world including Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Baptist University, and Gateway Seminary. Lucent selects professors based on their faithfulness to the Scriptures, their academic background, lifetime achievements, and their talent to deliver dynamic classes.