Are you looking for a place to be better equipped to answer your call to the ministry? We have the right degrees for you. Our programs were developed to help you balance your family life, work, finances, and Church activities with your studies. Here the three reasons why we have the best Online Theology and Ministry Degrees Online to prepare you for ministry.


Our programs were designed considering the spiritual and material challenges Gospel Ministers face in the real world. Our focus is in real life situations. Our professors prepare you with all the skills you need to effectively minister in your Church, community, or the mission field and thus, fulfill the Great Commission.


We developed a system that provides you with the best possible online education experience. Our application replicates the aspects of a brick and mortar school in a virtual environment. You will love our next-generation Learning Management System and how it will walk you through your videos classes and assignments.


We value the investment of time and money our students make to become better prepared. We use technology to develop, produce, and distribute our content. Our technologies allow us to offer you the highest quality programs at the lowest prices. Also, being 100% online affords us to lower operational costs.


If you are looking for an online Seminary or Bible College, join Lucent University's Theology and Ministry Degrees Online and become part of the community of ministry and Bible students preparing to serve all over the world.