Lucent is a nonprofit online university that offers affordable Bible-based Master and Associate degrees, and Certificate courses in Ministry. Become a part of our international community of ministry students as they prepare to share the Word of God in their communities and around the world.

  • Bible-based Degrees

  • Ministry Focused

  • 100% Online Programs

  • High-quality, Low-Cost

  • Associate and Master

  • Certificate Courses


We use the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the World Bank to determine the cost of the programs for each Country. People across the world can get the best online ministry degree or courses at a price that is fair to all.


If you want to prepare for the ministry at an affordable Online Seminary or Bible College, Lucent University is the right place for you. Join Lucent and become a part of the community of students as they prepare to minister in the local church and all over the world.

Master in Ministry

Requirement: College Degree

English Level: Advanced

Completion: 2 Years

The Master in Ministry program is developed for those who want to get an affordable degree that will equip them to better serve God in the church, their communities, and the world. The Master degree meets the growing need of secular professionals that are considering going into the ministry.


Associate in Ministry

Requirement: High-School Diploma

English Level: Intermediate

Completion: 2 Years

The Associate in Ministry degree was developed to equip man and women who want to enter the ministry. If you are looking for an affordable degree that will train you to better serve God in your church, community, or the world, Lucent has the right program for you.


Certificate Courses

Requirement: None

English Level: Basic

Completion: No timeline

The Certificate Courses are a non-degree program developed for students that feel called to minister as a layperson, teach Sunday school, lead small groups, or more deeply understand of the Scriptures.




Lucent uses SysClass the most advanced educational software ever created.


You will enjoy classes recorded in high-definition with perfect sound.


The user-friendly dashboard allows you to complete your assignments without the need to jump from page to page.


The first system that replicates a regular school in a single page environment.


Our servers provide unprecedented support, speed, and security.


Classes and materials are translated using the latest in artificial Intelligence.



Lucent University is a Higher Education Institution focused on preparing God’s people by offering affordable online training in all the world’s major languages. Lucent was founded in 2015 to educate, empower and equip men and women called to the ministry. Our institution is the result of years of work by the Holy Spirit preparing the right people and technology to deliver high-quality Biblical education to all corners of the world.

There are several factors enabling us to offer low-cost tuition to students. Number one is technology. The work that goes into enrolling and managing users is done by computers, with minimal overhead. The second factor is that our professors are paid through royalties, thus faculty is not a fixed cost. Third, there are several individuals and organizations that donate to our scholarship fund. Last, traditional Bible Colleges and Seminaries spend significant resources to maintain their facilities. An online institution has lower costs because there is no need to maintain the infrastructure of a brick-and-mortar school. These factors combined allow us to provide low-cost high-quality online bible-based education to students who live all over the world.

Online program presents benefits and challenges when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar schools, Bible Colleges or Seminaries. Online programs enable students to study anywhere at any time, study at their own pace, review videos as many times as they want, and it is more affordable and more time efficient than regular programs. These factors make online degrees an attractive proposition. However, the same reasons that make distance education appealing to most people, may pose a challenge to others. Students in a formal classroom interact with one another and their professors in real time. But, the lack of face to face communication experienced in online education can result in students having a sense of isolation or getting discouraged. To address the interaction issues, Lucent offers monthly live Q&A sessions with the professors and provides students with the means to ask questions anytime.

The Master’s in Ministry Degree (M.A. Min.) is developed for those who have completed a non-biblical higher education degree granting programs. The degree meets the growing need of secular professionals that seek to better study the bible, serve God in the church, their communities, and in the world. The Associate in Ministry Degree (A.A. Min.), also known as Technical or Technologist outside the United States, was developed for those who feel called to enter the ministry and have completed a high-school diploma.

The Certificate in Ministry program was developed to teach ministerial skills to students that feel called to enter the ministry, but do not have the requirements to enroll or are not able to communicate in English. The program covers introduction to the Scriptures, Bible interpretation, theology, evangelism, expository preaching, ethics, apologetics, biblical languages, church administration, and servant leadership.