Hebrew Old Testament Course Online

The Hebrew Old Testament Tools and Exegesis Course will enable you to study the Hebrew Bible in a fraction of the time of conventional Hebrew courses. With little or no background in the Hebrew language, you will obtain the practical abilities to perform exegesis of the Old Testament using online tools. You will gain the essential knowledge and access to all that the original authors communicate through their writings. Enroll today to learn Hebrew and apply it to your studies, devotional life, and ministries.


The goal of this Hebrew Old Testament Tools and Exegesis Course is to impart you with the essential knowledge to interpret and understand Ancient Hebrew right away without having to spend years studying the language, memorizing endless forms, and countless vocabulary. Being able to study the Old Testament in the original language will strengthen your preaching, teaching, personal study, devotional life, and ministries. Your study will be supplemented by online materials and tools such as lexicons, commentaries, and interlinears. This has enabled thousands of students to read the Hebrew Bible and paved the way for advanced study. Upon the completion of this course, you will be equipped with:

Ability to translate the ancient Hebrew text
Knowledge of the Hebrew Texts of the Bible
Adequate knowledge of Hebrew grammar & syntax
Ability to use lexical tools and dictionaries
Understanding of Genre and Interpretation
Broad understanding of exegetical method
Introduction to Hebrew Textual Criticism & Ancient Versions
Using Hebrew studies in sermons and Bible studies

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Video Lessons

Lucent University uses the most advanced educational system ever created to teach the Hebrew Old Testament Online Course. You will enjoy your class watching videos recorded by the best professors with perfect image and sound. Also, all the assignments are automatically organized for you.


Dr. Jason Hauffe teaches Greek and Hebrew at Lucent University. He is skilled to interpret and teach the Old Testament at the highest level. His ministry experience includes being a church planter and a pastor. Most importantly, he has learned to apply theology and the Bible to everyday life in a way that is accessible to a wider audience.

Dr. Hauffe has a Ph.D. in the New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and M.Div. in Theology and Apologetics from Liberty Theological Seminary. He pursued M.A. in New Testament Greek, M.A. in Religion, and B.S. in Pastoral Leadership with a minor in Biblical Greek from Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA).


The Hebrew Old Testament course online has a total of 18 units. The course includes video classes, reading materials, and exams. Below you will find the units we offer in this course. Click below to view the description of each unit.

Hebrew Old Testament (UNITS 1-9)
Hebrew Old Testament (UNITS 10-18)
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