The Lucent Bible Training Online program, also known as the CERTIFICATE IN BIBLICAL STUDIES, is a Bible-based program developed to address the need of those who want to have a deeper understanding of the Bible. If you are looking to attain an affordable degree that will train you to become a disciple maker and better serve God in your church, community, or in the mission field. Lucent University has the right program for you.


The goal of the Lucent Bible Training program is to equip men and women called to become a disciple maker. Those who successfully complete the program will be prepared to fully teach the basics truths of the Scriptures in the context God intended for His word to be shared. Also, the graduates will be equipped to make disciples more effectively and to fulfill the Great Commission as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:16-20. Upon the completion of the Degree, you will be equipped to:

Become an effective teacher
Teach with authority
Evangelize with effectiveness
Understand the Scriptures
Defend the faith
Grow your church
Defend the faith
Develop successful discipleship

Lucent University is breaking down the economic barriers to global Bible Training Online by offering the Lucent Bible Training at an affordable cost to all nations. The tuition for each different country is determined by the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the World Bank. Thus, the tuition price is based according to the country where the student lives. To check the monthly tuition for your country click here.

High-quality program
Simple monthly tuition
Free to apply
No hidden fees
All materials included
Graduate without debt
Scholarships available
Cancel anytime

The professors that teach the Bible Training Online Program hold advanced degrees from the most prestigious Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Universities in the world including Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Baptist University, and Gateway Seminary. Lucent selects professors based on their faithfulness to the Scriptures, their academic background, lifetime achievements, and their talent to deliver dynamic classes.


Lucent University uses the most advanced educational system ever created to tech the Bible Training Online Program. You will enjoy your class watching videos recorded by the best professors with perfect image and sound. Also, all the assignments are automatically organized for you. To know more about our Learning Management System click here.

Click on the videos below to watch sample classes of the Bible Training Online Program. You will be amazed at the clarity, teaching styles, well-prepared content, and outstanding teaching abilities of our professors.


You can choose to take any of the courses available to you. There are a total of 4 per term. You can choose to take the courses at your leisure and cancel your subscription at any time. Ideally, it takes 2 years for you to cover all the 16 courses included in the program. Below you will find the list of the courses we offer in the program (course offer may vary).


The course was developed for the Master's in Biblical Studies program to give you a unique insight on the Bible History, from the time of the first written documents, until today’s modern translations in multiple languages. The course will cover the development of the Old Testament and the New Testament canon, and the major archaeological finds supporting the biblical narrative.


There are no admission requirements to enroll in the Bible Training Online. Also, candidates are exempt from taking the Test of English Comprehension.

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You can enroll in the Bible Training Online in 2 simple steps. First, fill out the enrollment form. After submitting the enrollment form you will receive a WELCOME EMAIL with instructions on how to set up your password. After you set up your password your PayPal payment page will appear. Step 2 is to create a PayPal account, in case you don't have one, and pay your monthly tuition. After your payment is completed, your program will be immediately available to you.





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