The Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online was developed to fully equip you for a powerful and meaningful ministry. If you are looking for an affordable degree that has the best online experience and best professors, our Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree is the right choice for you.


The goal of the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program is to fully prepare you to be an effective minister or teacher of the Word. When you successfully complete your program you will be equipped to exercise any ministerial activity including becoming a pastor, church leader, missionary, chaplain, or teacher. Upon the completion of the Degree, you will be ready to:

Preach with power
Teach with authority
Evangelize with effectiveness
Manage with professionalism
Lead with strategy
Better understand the Scriptures
Grow your ministry
Defend the faith
Advance missions
Develop successful discipleship

Lucent University is breaking down the economic barriers to global ministry training by offering the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program at an affordable price to all nations. The tuition for each different country is determined by the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the World Bank. Thus, the tuition price is based according to the country where you live. To check the monthly tuition for your country click here.

Low-cost, high-quality
Simple monthly tuition
Free to apply
No hidden fees
All materials included
Cancel anytime
Graduate without debt
Scholarships available

Lucent University uses the most advanced educational system ever created to teach the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program. You will enjoy your class watching videos recorded by the best professors with perfect image and sound. Also, all the assignments are automatically organized for you. To know more about our Learning Management System click here.

Check out the clarity, quality of the content, and outstanding teaching abilities of our professors. Click on the videos below to watch the sample classes of the Online Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Program.


The Bachelor of Theology and Ministry gives you an in-depth understanding of the Scriptures and equips you with the skill to minister to the Body of Christ and to those who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The Bachelor of Theology and Ministry prepares you to have an impact on your Church, community, and the mission field. The degree gives you the skills to evangelize, lead, teach, provide spiritual support, and counsel those in need. Graduates in the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online can develop a careers as:

Youth Pastor
Worship Pastor
Social Worker
Discipleship Director
Gospel Minister
Education Director
Church Administrator
Non-Profit Administrator
Outreach Coordinator
Program Coordinator

The professors that teach the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program hold advanced degrees from the most prestigious Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Universities in the world including Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Baptist University, and Gateway Seminary. Lucent selects professors based on their faithfulness to the Scriptures, their academic background, lifetime achievements, and their ability to teach dynamic classes.


The Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online has a total of 120 credit hours. The program is divided into 8 terms. Each term is comprised of 5 courses and lasts 6 months for a total of 15 credit hours per term. Each course counts as 3 credit hours. The courses include video classes, video resources, reading, exams, writing projects, and interaction with Professors. Below you will find the list of the courses we offer in the program (course offer may vary). Click on the course name to view the Course Description for each discipline.


The English Grammar course was designed for the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online to provide an overview of the structure and usage of Modern English. The material covered in the course will provide basic knowledge of the form and function of Modern English and will be relevant to future courses in English composition. Topics include but are not limited to basic word structure, classification of words into what is traditionally known as ‘parts of speech’, description and analysis of various types of phrase structure and sentence structure, prescriptive verses, descriptive approaches to grammar, stylistic and dialectal variation in English syntax and grammaticalization and language change.


The English Composition course was developed for the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online to improve your ability to communicate in everyday situations in writing or speaking. Another focus of the programs is to lower the risk of others misunderstanding you. By studying the principles of communication, this course emphasizes the need for clarity and precision in written and spoken communication so that our audience may comprehend, and thus respond to, the content we present.


The course was developed for the Bachelor in Theology and Ministry Online to provide the biblical basis and principles, of the theology and philosophy of pastoral ministry. The program will equip students to become alert of ministry opportunities and the pitfalls and challenges ministers of Gospel face. It will also help students to develop a self-care plan for sustained, long-term ministry. The course will cover ministry in the OT, Moses’ ministry, ministry of the priests, ministry of the Judges and Prophets, ministry in the NT, Apostles’ ministry, Paul’s ministry, what makes a minister succeed, what makes a minister fail, choosing and developing leadership, implementing long-term vision, church management, church finances, building programs, denominational involvement and politics, dealing with disappointment, encouraging others to enter the ministry, and retirement.


The Online Communication course was designed for the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online to give you the skills to use the internet as an effective communication tool. You will learn how to do social media campaigns, video broadcast and posting, internet ads, online publishing, discussion forums, blogging, web design, and search engine optimization.


The course Introduction to Philosophy was designed for the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online to introduce critical thinking and the idea that reasoning is allied with a Biblical world view. The discipline will cover the major philosophers of the Western world, their ideas, and how those ideas compare to the Biblical teachings of morality. You will be challenged to think for yourself and trust reason as the key to fully live the teachings of the Scriptures.

The Church History 1 course was developed for the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online to introduce the student to the most significant events in early Christianity and how these early events led to Christianity in the Modern Era. The major traditions, practices, policies, and movements will be presented and how those events led to spiritual decline or revival. The course will cover the period of the early church up to the fall of the Roman Empire.


The course Theology of Miracles was designed for the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online to provide you the understanding of how and when the spiritual world intervenes in the material world. The discipline will present the major miracles of the Bible and why God chose to make them to happen. The role of prayer in the requesting of miracles, the question of why some prayers are not answered, and the issue of good and evil will also be examined.

The Biblical Archeology course was developed for the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online to introduce you to the archeological findings that correlate to the Bible narrative. You will be presented to the processes of archeological discoveries and classification of artifacts. The discipline will provide you with an overview of the cultural, historical, social, and religious aspects of the Biblical passages. Upon the conclusion of the course, you will be able to better interpret and understand how the Bible characters lived and interacted with their environment.

The Cults and the Occult course was designed for the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Degree Online to prepare you to deal with spiritual warfare. The discipline you give you the biblical perspective on identifying and facing demonic spirits and how to use these encounters as an evangelistic opportunity. This course is essential for people working in areas of the world where cults and witchcraft are prevalent.


To enroll in the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program the candidate must have a High School Diploma or an equivalent secondary degree. Candidates that have English as their native language are exempt from taking the Test of English Comprehension (TEC).

Non-native speakers must take the TEC. The TEC is free of charge. The test has a total of 100 multiple choice questions. The candidate has 90 minutes to complete the test. In order to be approved to the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program, a minimum of 70% correct answers is required.


STEP 1 Fill out the enrollment form and select the Bachelor of Theology and Ministry Program. After submitting the enrollment form you will receive a WELCOME EMAIL with instructions on how to set up your password.

STEP 2 After you set up your password you will take the free Test of English Comprehension (TEC). After completing the TEC, you will receive instructions on how to pay for your tuition. Those who have English as the first language are exempt from taking the TEC and will receive a welcome email with instructions to go directly to step 3.

STEP 3 Pay your monthly tuition. After your payment is completed your program will be available immediately to you.

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