Frequently Asked Questions
Theology Programs

What is Self-Paced Learning?

A self-paced program is learning that occurs at your own pace. This means that you are not required to be in contact with professors, other students, or follow a class schedule. You can study when you are able within the six-month term period. This manner of learning allows for the greatest degree of flexibility.

How Do Self-Paced Degree Programs Work?

Self-guided education allows Lucent University to produce high-quality content while offering the best cost-benefit in Bible-based education. Our self-paced programs do not require you to be in contact with professors and other students. You can study at your own pace and when necessary can ask questions in the communications area of your dashboard. Also, such programs allow the greatest degree of flexibility for distance learners. You can enroll at any time and not worry about deadlines to complete your coursework, as long as you complete five courses every Term (6 months).

Why choose a Self-Paced Degree Program?

There are many reasons to choose a Self-Paced online degree program. Each student chooses their individual pace and focus on course content while following the carefully organized lesson plans. Extracurricular activities can be maintained while studying, with a completely adaptable schedule for the student. Lucent's degree programs are also highly cost-effective: tuition is separated into monthly payments with no hidden or extra fees, all course content including: lectures, books, reading materials, seminars, and written notes are provided and included, even after graduation. All of these materials are logically organized and easily accessible on each student's dashboard, even after finishing each course and graduating.

Can I start at any time?

Yes, each student can begin courses and progressing in their degree at any time. The first step is to enroll and select a degree program. If you need to discuss degree programs and which would work best for you, contact Lucent here. After enrollment, the student will be prompted to confirm their login address, upload appropriate documents and begin the trial period which provides access to first-term content for each degree program. Within the trial period, the student will be able to begin studying while finishing the enrollment process, setting up a payment plan, and taking the Test of English Comprehension-TEC if needed.

Can I complete the terms early or late?

Students have the flexibility to complete a term early or late, given their individual pace. The six-month term period is a general guideline for the student, during which time they should be able to complete the required courses.
However, given the nature of a self-paced model, a student may be able to devote more or less time to their studies and complete the course material before the six-month period has ended or require additional time.
For students seeking a faster pace, once all of the requirements of the classes within a term are complete, the student will be able to move on to the next term by applying for an advancement. The application for advancement can be submitted from the student dashboard, at which time the remainder of the term tuition is required before the student can proceed to the next term. Approvals can take up to 2 weeks and advancement is subject to the availability of the courses in the following term.
Likewise, the student requiring an extension can apply for an extension for up to two months by submitting an extension request through the student dashboard. Students requesting an extension can do so with no additional cost. Approvals for extensions can take up to 2 weeks.

Can I transfer credits from another institution?

Students can transfer credits from other institutions. Once Lucent receives an official transcript from another institution, our academic department will determine the equivalence to the courses we offer based on comparable learning outcomes. The decision is made on a case-by-case basis depending on the program in which you wish to enroll and the program you have partially or fully completed. The maximum number of credits we consider per course is three credit hours.

How much time do I need to dedicate to my studies?

This depends on the program and learning outcomes of each student. Students enrolled in our extension courses are free to study at their own pace. However, students enrolled in the Associate and Bachelor's programs should expect to spend about 8 hours a week and students enrolled in the Master's program should expect to spend 12 hours a week.

What are the Associate and Bachelor's Degrees?

An Associate and Bachelor's degree from Lucent is a college-level degree program of higher education. Students enrolled in these programs are awarded college credit and must complete exams, writing projects, reading, and other assignments to assess the student's grasp, integration, and application of the class material. Students intending to enroll in an Associate or Bachelor's program must present proof of high school completion or another secondary program.

How does the Master's Degree work?

The Master's degree from Lucent is a graduate-level degree program of higher education. Students enrolled in these programs are awarded college credit and must complete exams, writing projects, reading, and other assignments to assess the student's grasp, integration, and application of the class material. Students intending to enroll in a Master's program must present proof of completion of a Bachelor's degree.

What are the Extension Courses?

Lucent's extension courses are a simple way for students to obtain a ministry education without receiving the credit or degree awarded in the Associate or Bachelor's programs. The student can take one or all of the courses Lucent offers as an extension course. Since these courses do not award credit, all exams, papers, and assignments are optional but encouraged for the student. All students are open to taking extension courses. There are no age restrictions, no former education requirements, and no English entrance exam requirements.

Does Lucent offer Doctoral programs?

We currently have no plans to offer a Doctoral program.

Do I have to be fluent in English?

This depends on the program in which the student is enrolled. There are no English requirements for students enrolling in extension courses. However, for all other programs, proficiency in English is required, which is assessed from the free online Test of English Comprehension (TEC) that Lucent provides for all non-native speaking students. Students entering the Associate's or Bachelor's degree programs must have an intermediate knowledge of English, while students entering the Master's degree programs must have advanced English proficiency.

What is the TEC?

TEC is the Test of English Comprehension. It is an exam developed to assess a student's level of English comprehension. This exam is free of charge to all incoming students. The test has a total of 100 multiple-choice questions and must be completed within 90 minutes.

What score do I need to pass the TEC?

In order to receive a passing grade on the Test of English Comprehension (TEC), the student must score at least 70 points. The maximum score a candidate can achieve is 100 points. If the student does not achieve the necessary points in the first attempt, he or she can retake the test multiple times at no cost.

What documents do I need to enroll?

Students are required to upload two forms of two government-issued identification documents to their dashboard. At least one document must display his or her photo and both must contain proof of residency.
Documents may include bills, bank statements, or other official documents containing their address.

  • • For students enrolled in the extension courses, no further documentation is required.
  • • Students enrolled in the Associate or Bachelor's degree must also upload images of their High school or secondary school diploma and its corresponding transcripts.
  • • Students enrolled in the Master's degree must upload images of their High school or secondary school diploma along with their corresponding transcripts, as well as their Bachelor's degree diploma and its corresponding transcripts.
All images must be in high resolution and high quality. The images can be scanned or photographed on a flat surface. Color images are not required but preferred. Documents written in non-Roman characters need to be translated into English. All documents must be uploaded within seven days from the enrollment date.

Can I take multiple courses at the same time?

Yes. Lucent's degree programs have been carefully divided into terms with relevant courses. Each term builds progressively on the content of the previous terms while using a similar format for every course. This builds continuity, direction, and a logical development, where the student will move from Bible training to theological training, to ministry within the church, and then to ministry outside of the church.

Do I have to take courses in a particular order?

Yes. One of the unique facets of Lucent is its progressive learning format. Lucent has designed its ministry program to go through a particular order, building on the material in the previous classes. This builds continuity, direction and a logical development where the student will move from Bible training to theological training, to ministry within the church, and then to ministry outside of the church.

Are books and materials included in the program?

All academic materials necessary for students to complete their studies are available for download in electronic format from the learning dashboard at no additional cost.

How does student support work?

Lucent University has dedicated teams that provide technical assistance, content management, hosting, and student support. Lucent University will answer questions regarding registration, pricing, duration of the program, and all questions about the usability of the learning system. Support is provided through the learning dashboard or the talk to us page.

What are the passing grades?

All exams are multiple-choice based with a 1 to 100 points grading system. The passing grade is 70 points for the Associate and Bachelor's Degrees and 80 points for the Master's Degrees. Students can take exams multiple times until the passing grade is achieved. Each time you start a new exam, the questions and answers are shuffled, meaning that every exam is unique.

What are Credit Hours?

A credit hour is a measuring unit adopted by educational institutions to calculate the number of hours a student is exposed to the course material. It includes lecture time, exams, reading, and other assignments that contribute to the student's education.

How do I write my papers?

At Lucent University, students are not required to write traditional book reviews, compositions, or research papers. All written work is carried out through progressive term projects, which consist of a series of short answer questions designed to help the student apply and integrate the course material into their ministry context.

How much does my program cost?

The program cost varies for each country. Lucent University uses the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the World Bank to determine the cost of its programs. To check the monthly tuition, go to your desired program page and click on your country of residence in the drop-down menu of the Affordable section.

How do I pay my tuition?

US institutions normally charge tuition based on semesters. We offer our students the flexibility to pay tuition on a monthly basis. The Associate degree is a 24-month program. Hence, students pay 24 installments. Similarly, the student will make 18 installments in the Master's program, 36 installments in the Master's in Divinity program, and 48 installments in the Bachelor's program. The first installment is due after the student completes the 7-day trial.

What is the form of payment?

You can make payments using any major Debit/Credit card or PayPal. Debit/Credit payments are processed through Stripe. For PayPal, if you do not have an account, visit the PayPal website for your country by clicking here.

What happens if my payment is late?

The system temporarily disables your learning dashboard access if the tuition payment is late. Once the amount due is cleared, access to the dashboard is resumed immediately.

How can I apply for a Scholarship?

Scholarships may be available for students in special need of financial aid. To apply for a scholarship, the candidate must click on this link. It normally takes a week to respond if the student is eligible for financial aid.

Can I pause my studies?

You can pause your studies and return at your earliest convenience. You do not have to pay the monthly tuition installments during this duration. To pause your program, send an email from the contact area of your learning dashboard. To resume your studies, contact Lucent University using the contact form on our homepage. Students with scholarships may lose their benefits if they paused their studies beyond six months.

How can I withdraw from a program?

If a student decides to withdraw from a program, he or she can do so through the learning dashboard or the contact page. It may take up to 30 days for the cancellation to take effect. No fine or fee will apply if the student has no outstanding payment. No partial refund will be issued in case the student has paid the tuition for the month in which the cancellation was requested.

Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel their enrollment at any time by providing notification of cancellation through the learning dashboard or the contact page. The student is free to cancel during the seven-day trial period with no penalty or cost.

Refund Policy

Once a student has enrolled and is paying on a monthly basis, they will not receive a refund for the month in which they withdraw or cancel. They will still have access to the class material for the remainder of the month and they will not be billed for any additional months. If a student has paid for the program in full or part of the program in advance beyond the current month, at the time of withdrawal or cancelation, they will be refunded 80% of the residual amount of the remaining months. All refunds are paid within 30 days of receipt of notification of cancellation or withdrawal to the original form of payment.

For the purpose of determining a refund, a student will be deemed to have withdrawn if they notify the institution of their withdrawal or if the institution terminates the student's enrollment due to non-attendance, failure to maintain satisfactory progress; failure to abide by the rules and regulations of the institution; and/or failure to meet financial obligations.

Where can I find the Student Handbook?

The Student Handbook can be downloaded from the Enrollment form or by clicking here. The Student Handbook explains in detail the procedures of the Institution, your responsibilities as a student and the obligations of Lucent University.

What if I have a disability?

Lucent University will take all reasonable measures to accommodate students with visual, hearing, learning, mental, motor, or other disabilities without compromising our educational standards.

Students will be able to inform Lucent of a special need or consideration that would aid in their ministry education in the enrollment form. Though it is not always possible, Lucent will make every effort to accommodate students with special need.

What happens when I finish my program?

For those participating in a graduation ceremony in their home church, Lucent will contact them to give direction and guidance. The printed and signed diploma will be mailed directly to your pastor or church leader within 90 days.

Transcripts can be downloaded at any time from the learning dashboard. If a student requests a paper copy, the cost will be US $25.00 plus shipping and it will be shipped within 5 business days.

After graduation, you will continue to have access to your dashboard, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of being a part of Lucent University family. This will grant you access to the video classes, reading materials and all other resource materials available to current students.

How does the Graduation Ceremony work?

The graduation ceremony takes place at your local church. Lucent University's administrative staff will contact you three months before the completion of your program to inform you of the necessary arrangements and request the contact information of your pastor or church leader. We will then communicate with them to take part in a graduation ceremony. The diploma and graduation cap will be mailed directly to your pastor or church leader. If you are receiving a Master's degree, we will also send the hood to be placed around your neck.

While we believe that a graduation ceremony is extremely important to ground the student within the care and support of a local body of God's people, we understand that this might not be possible in all situations. Therefore the student can make a request to opt-out of this ceremony through the dashboard.

How do I receive my diploma if I finish early or late?

To receive a diploma, the following requirements must be met:

  1. All required documents must be uploaded and accurate in your student profile
  2. All tuition and payments must be met in full
  3. For each course, the required class time must be spent, reading materials completed and all exams and assignments must be completed and passed
  4. For accredited programs, a minimum GPA (grade point average) must be maintained
Also, you must complete your coursework in full and pay your tuition in full, regardless of which comes first. When these two requirements are met, a diploma will be issued.

How will my academic records be kept?

During the time of your enrollment, your academic records are available digitally through the dashboard.

Upon graduation, your academic records will be kept indefinitely in two formats. First, your records will be printed and stored in a secure location at the Lucent offices. Second, a copy of your records will also be kept in digital format at a major global storage provider.

What accrediting body accredits Lucent University?

Lucent University is fully accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC) in the United Kingdom with premier status. To learn more about ASIC, click here.

Lucent University is also in full compliance with the laws of the State of Texas and the US Federal Government. Students in the United States seeking regionally US-based accredited institutions should note that Lucent is not accredited in the US at this time but is currently seeking accreditation.

What institutions accept degrees from Lucent University?

Lucent University does not have control over the admission policies of other Colleges or Universities. If you are planning to continue your education in a different institution after receiving a degree from Lucent, it is highly recommended that you check with that institution to verify that they will accept degrees from Lucent before you enroll.

What institutions accept credits from Lucent University?

As mentioned above, Lucent does not have control over the policies of other Colleges or Universities. If you plan to transfer credits to other institutions in the future, you should contact that institution to check on their policy of accepting credits from other institutions.

Does the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture recognize degrees from US or UK institutions?

Brazil is the only country that recognizes degrees exclusively issued by Brazilian colleges and universities. No institution based outside Brazil is recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).

We would still encourage you to prepare for the ministry with Lucent since our educational programs will prepare you well for Christian ministry in any country. In addition, acquiring a degree from a Lucent will not negatively impact a career in ministry in Brazil unless you are pursuing a career as a seminary professor.