How do online courses work?

The operation of online courses is simple. Students login to their pages to watch their classes, download and read books and resource materials, and take exams.

Can I start at any time?

You can start your program immediately after completing the enrollment process. The enrollment process includes filling out the enrollment form, setting up your password, taking the free English assessment test, if English is not your native language, and paying your monthly tuition fee.

What are Associate and Master Degrees?

The Associate and Master Degrees are higher education programs. Students enrolled in the Associate and in the Master programs must take exams, write projects, and completed all the assignments. Students intending to enroll in an Associate program must present proof of high school completion or another secondary program. Students intending to enroll in a Master program must present proof of completion of a higher education degree.

What is the Certificate Course?

The Certificate Courses in Ministry Online is a Bible-based affordable non-degree program developed for students who feel called to serve as a layperson, teach Sunday school, lead small groups, or want to understand the Bible in depth. Students in the Certificate Course do not need to have a High-School diploma and are exempt from taking the English entrance exam.

Does Lucent offer Bachelor programs?

Yes. All our Bachelor programs are double majors. Students can enroll now in the Associate Degree in Ministry Online, and then continue their studies in the areas of Technology, Business, Counseling, or Health Care. Beginning in the Fall of 2019 students start taking courses in Technology and Business. Beginning in the Fall of 2020 students start taking courses in Counseling and Health Care. Upon the completion of 120 credit hours, students will have a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and Technology, Business, Counseling, or Health Care. Enrollment for the Bachelor program will be open in January of 2019.

Do I have to be fluent in English?

Students applying to enroll in the Certificate Course don't need to be fluent in English. Students who wish to enroll in the Associate degree must have intermediate knowledge of the English language. Students who wish to enroll in the Master degree must advanced knowledge of the English language. For non-native speakers, Lucent offers a free online Test of English Comprehension (TEC) to verify if the student has the necessary knowledge of English language for he or she to enroll in their desired program.

What documents do I need to enroll?

Students applying for the Certificate Course are not required to submit documents. Students applying for the Associate degree must upload a copy of their High school diploma or secondary school diploma and transcripts. Students applying for the Master degree must upload a copy of their High school diploma or secondary school diploma and transcripts and their Bachelor or postsecondary diploma and transcripts. Also, Students applying for the Associate and Master degree need to scan and upload 2 government issued identification documents that contain his or her photo. All documents must be uploaded within 30 days of the enrollment date.

Can I choose the timeframe to complete my program?

You have the flexibility to complete your program at your own pace. We recommend you complete their program within the time suggested. However, there are no penalties for students finishing in advance or later. The only requirement is that all the assignments listed in the courses are completed and the passing grade for each course is achieved.

Can I choose the number of courses I take?

Students enrolled in the Certificate Courses can choose what courses to take at their discretion. Students in the Master and Associate degrees must take all the courses listed in their respective programs in order to complete their programs. Currently, our programs do not offer elective courses.

Can I take multiple courses at the same time?

Yes. Students can either take one course at a time or choose to take multiple courses at once.

Do I have to take courses in a particular order?

Students are free to take any course available on their webpage. The only exceptions are courses with two levels. Courses like Old and New Testament Theology, and Expository Preaching have two levels. For these courses, level 1 must be completed before students start taking level 2.

When will I receive my Diploma or Certificate?

Yes. Students who have fulfilled all the prerequisites of the program, and have made all the payments, will receive a certificate or diploma upon completion of the program. The certificate or diploma will be available in PDF format immediately upon completing the program. A printed copy will be mailed to the student within 30 days after the conclusion of the program.

Are books and materials included in the program?

All academic materials necessary for students to successfully complete their studies are available in electronic format in the student environment in our Educational Management System (EMS) for students to download at no additional cost.

What is the TEC?

The Test of English Comprehension (TEC) was developed to assess the level of comprehension in the English language for non-native speakers. After the candidate for an Associate or Master program completes the enrollment form, he or she receives an email with the information on how to access the TEC. The TEC is free of charge. The test has a total of 100 multiple choice questions. The candidate has 90 minutes to complete the test.

How many points do I need in the TEC?

In order to complete the enrollment in the Associate or Master programs, the student must achieve a score of at least 70 points. The maximum score of a candidate can achieve is 100 points. If the student does not achieve the necessary points to enroll in the first trial, he or she can retake the test 2 more times. If, after 3 trials, the student doesn't achieve the necessary points to enroll, he or she can contact Lucent to evaluate other options.

Is Lucent regionally accredited?

Lucent University is in full compliance with the laws of the State of Florida and the US Government. It can legally issue higher education biblical diplomas at all levels, including Associate, Bachelor, Masters, and Doctor. Students in the United States seeking a regionally accredited institution should note that Lucent is not accredited by these agencies.

What are Credit Hours?

A credit hour is a measuring unit adopted by institutions, mainly in the United States. Credit hours are used to count educational credits. It is usually based on the number of hours the student is exposed to a course during a week during of an academic semester. The courses you take at Lucent are worth 3 credit hours each.

Can I transfer credits from another institution?

Yes. Students can transfer credits upon presenting the official transcript from another institution. Lucent's academic department will determine the equivalence to the courses we offer based on comparable learning outcomes. Only those courses for which the final average grade is superior to 70 points will be considered for transfer. The transference of courses will decrease the student's course load, but the price of the monthly tuition will remain the same, regardless of how many credits are transferred.

How does student support work?

There are two kinds of student support. The primary type of support is from within the student's page. All students can send unlimited internal emails from their own pages asking questions to his or her tutor. The other type of support is the live monthly Q&A sessions when professors answer the questions asked by the students in real-time.

How much time do I need to dedicate to my studies?

There is no specific time students have to dedicate every week to their studies. We suggest students enrolled in the Associate degree should dedicate 8 hours per week, and students enrolled in the Master degree should dedicate 12 hours per week. Students enrolled in the Certificate Course are free to study at their own pace.

How do the exams work?

All exams are multiple choice with a 1 to 100 points grading system. The passing grade is 60 points and above for the Associate Degree and 70 points and above for the Master Degree. Students that get a grade below passing can retake the test up to 2 times. Failure on achieving the minimum passing grade in the tests can be compensated by writing projects for extra credit.

How do I write my papers?

At Lucent University students don't write book reviews, compositions, or research papers. All the written work is based on projects. For most courses, you will write a project on how to apply what you learned. To make things simple, we provide a template, like a questionnaire, with each project.

How much does my program cost?

Lucent University uses the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the World Bank to determine the cost of our programs. The tuition cost varies according to the purchasing power of the Country the student lives. To check the monthly tuition cost for your country click here.

How will I be charged?

All programs are divided into 24 monthly payments regardless of the time the student completes the program.

How do I make my payment?

Students can choose to pay their monthly tuition using a PayPal account, a debit or credit card. For your convenience, PayPal accepts payment in over 30 currencies. You can visit the PayPal website for your country by clicking here.

How can I apply for a Scholarship?

Scholarships are generally available for students in need of financial aid. To apply for a scholarship, the candidate must send an email to Lucent explaining the reason why he or she needs assistance. The email must include what program in which the student wants to enroll and the Country the student lives. The response time of how much financial aid the student qualifies for normally takes a week. To apply click here.

How can I withdraw from a program?

If a student decides to withdraw from the program, all he or she has to do is send an email to the address It will take up to 30 days before the cancellation takes effect. No fine or fee will apply if the student has no outstanding payment. No partial refund will be issued in case the student has paid the tuition for the month in which the cancelation was requested.

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