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Lucent University | Enroll in the Master's, Associate's, Bachelor's or Certificate Courses

Fill the form below to enroll. You don't have to send your personal and academic documents now. You will be asked to upload your documentation from your page profile once you have access to your student page. Also, you only have to take the free Test of English Comprehension (TEC) if English is not your first language.

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About You
Read the agreement below carefully.
I have access to an Internet connection, computer, mobile phone, or tablet in order to participate in the online courses.
In order to enroll in the ASSOCIATE'S DEGREE or BACHELOR'S DEGREE I must have a valid High school diploma or have completed secondary school. To enroll in the MASTER'S DEGREE, I must have a valid Bachelor's degree or an equivalent postsecondary diploma.
If English is not my native language, I must pass the Test of English Comprehension (TEC) in order to enroll in the ASSOCIATE'S DEGREE, BACHELOR'S DEGREE or MASTER'S DEGREE.
If I am enrolled in the ASSOCIATE'S DEGREE, BACHELOR'S DEGREE or MASTER'S DEGREE, I have up to six months to complete each term.
I have 90 days to upload the copies of my school documents (transcripts or diplomas) and two government-issued identification documents (identification card, drivers' license, passport, or another officially recognized document with picture) to my student page.
I have read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. I am aware of the procedures of the Institution, the obligations of Lucent University, and my responsibilities as a student.
I must consult regularly the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page in order to keep up with the eventual changes in procedures and regulations of the Institution.
I agree that cheating and plagiarism are serious academic offenses that, if committed, may result in my expulsion of the program.
I acknowledge that involvement in public scandal, immoral conduct, or actions against public morals or decency may result in my expulsion of the program.
I am aware that Lucent University will collect, manage, and store my personal information in accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation and as described in its Privacy Policy listed here.