Prof. Jim Walters was an Air Force pilot and flight instructor in the 1970’s and still flies private planes today. He has taught hundreds of people to fly an aircraft, and trained countless people through church sermons, retreats, seminars, workshops, and a book he authored, “When Faith Takes Flight.”

After coming to faith in Christ while a peace-time fighter pilot, just after the Vietnam era, Jim spontaneously began to share his faith with others. He became more excited about Jesus than about jets, so he left the Air Force to serve with the International Commission, Inc. Jim traveled throughout 34 nations – personally sharing Christ and leading teams of people to do likewise.

in 1988, he received a Master'ss degree from Southwestern Baptist Seminary, and has been trained in Evangelism Explosion, Continued Witness Training, and Share Jesus Without Fear. Because his primary gifts are encouragement and evangelism, Jim has led people to Christ while in church, in their homes, on the street, over the phone, on airplanes, via email and through his book, “When Faith Takes Flight”, which will be included in this course.

Later he served as a national missionary with the Home Mission Board, SBC, and then as Minister of Missions in the “key church” planting network.

in 1995 he was called to Bear Valley Church in Denver, Colorado, where he served for 21 years, mostly in the role of Senior Pastor of this dynamic church. During all these years he personally baptized nearly 1,000 people, in churches, swimming pools, rivers, oceans, and even in Israel – in the Jordan River.

You will certainly enjoy his lessons, because Jim is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker with decades of experience and a great heart for anyone who wants to learn to share the gospel.
Master'ss degree from Southwestern Baptist Seminary, 1988

    Senior Pastor, Bear Valley Church in Denver, Colorado
    1995 to 2016
    When Faith Takes Flight

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