Dr. Jason Hauffe

Dr. Hauffe studied at Liberty Seminary earning his Master of Religious Studies, Master of Arts in New Testament Greek, and Master of Divinity in Theology & Apologetics degrees. He then earned a PhD in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has been a pastor for eleven years and is currently teaching Bible at Palmetto Christian Academy.

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Prof. Barry Voss

Barry Voss is the President and co-founder of FaithLife Ministries along with his wife, Kim Star-Voss.

He graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1977 with a Master’s Degree in Economics and spent twenty eight years in the business world as an Economist and Database Marketer.

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Dr. Beau Brewer

Prof. Brewer has worked for many years as a journalist. He is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Prof. Brewer is currently working on a 10 books series to teach English as a Second Language.

He and his family have a love to serve God, and because of his love for education he has served in the Academic world in several Cross-Cultural Ministries in Malaysia, Thailand, Lebanon, Israel and Canada.

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Dr. Christopher Heslep

Passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, mentoring rising young leaders and prioritizing relationships with people to help them grow in faith.

Confident, purpose-driven and accomplished leader with 16+ years of ministry, education and leadership experience and demonstrated sustained success building and leading high-performing teams. Broad multi-faceted expertise ranging from vocational pastoral ministry to mentoring and teaching students everywhere from elite university campuses to junior high-school classrooms.

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Dr. Dean Sieberhagen

Professor of Missions, Dr. Sieberhagen was born and raised in South Africa where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

His Doctor of Theology studies have been through the University of South Africa, with a focus on the issues of contextualization and globalization in relation to the starting of churches amongst the unreached.

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Dr. Gerald Cowen

Dr. Gerald Cowen teaches Life of Christ at Lucent University. He is currently the President of Seminario Bautista Vida Nueva, San Salvador, ES.

Dr. Cowen is a seasoned professor with over 45 years of teaching experience in New Testament and Greek, and Pastoral Leadership and Church Ministries.

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Dr. Greg Ammons

Pastor Dr. Greg earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion from Oklahoma Baptist University before obtaining the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. In 2015, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Theology from Dallas Baptist University.

In addition to serving in the pastorate, Pastor Greg has taught theology on the university level at Wayland Baptist University and Dallas Baptist University.

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Dr. James Wagstaff

Mission-driven executive partner and change leader with extensive experience (20 years across education, nonprofit, and church arenas) standing up organizations and programs from concept through long term success. Leads execution of vision and strategy, culminating in business transformation and growth.

Reaches across organizational boundaries and cultivates relationships, trust and enduring key stakeholder partnerships (cross-functional, community, government, education, agency). Establishes shared vision and influences alignment and collaboration for the business objectives. Builds high performing teams (from executives to operations) and develops leadership bench strength.

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Prof. Jetta Meyer

Prof. Jetta Meyer teaches the Book of Luke at Lucent University

She got her Master of Public Administration, and Bachelor of Science at University of Nebraska

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Dr. Jim Hardwicke

He was raised in a mainline Protestant church where he never remembers hearing the gospel. As a result, He began searching for God in other religions. Finally, on a student retreat, He made the decision to trust Jesus completely for his salvation.

His Doctor of Theology / Evangelism studies have been through the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC, God has called him to teach current and future ministry leaders worldwide on short-semester trips. He teaches in seminaries, evangelical colleges, seminars, and conferences.

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Prof. Jim Walters

After coming to faith in Christ while a peace-time fighter pilot, Jim traveled throughout 34 nations – personally sharing Christ and leading teams of people to do likewise.

Prof. Jim Walters was an Air Force pilot and flight instructor in the 1970’s and still flies private planes today. He has taught hundreds of people to fly an aircraft, and trained countless people through church sermons, retreats, seminars, workshops, and a book he authored, “When Faith Takes Flight.”

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Dr. Rich Peterson

For over thirty-five years I have been unleashing people for mission and ministry through the proclamation and teaching of God's Word, pastoral leadership and missional involvement.

I have served a number of churches in the Western States of the US and one in Australia. I have preached in 14 countries around the globe and on six continents. Each of these experiences have provided numerous opportunities to preach, lead, teach, mentor and care for others. I can offer my spiritual gifts, skills, integrity and abilities to you in terms of both academic training and practical ministry experience.

Dr. Rich Peterson

Dr. Justin Gandy

Dr. Gandy is an analytical thinker without enough time in the day to research all the things he is interested in learning.

His Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFP, which fairly accurately captures who he is. He loves teaching, and believe God has gifted him for and called to this profession. Some of the courses he teaches include social entrepreneurship, management, management communication, and organizational behavior. He has a high level of personal integrity and a strong work ethic rooted in moral, philosophical, and theological principles.

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Prof. Linda King

Prof. Linda King experience includes assessing the biopsychosocial needs of clients, applying competencies to predict problems based on patient behavior, and fostering the development of self-help skills.

She is skilled in integrating crisis intervention techniques to groups and individuals, and promoting cooperative counselor/ client resolution of clinical problems. Prof. King prepares university students globally for counseling technique proficiency and also helps to establish the Biblical Counseling Department.

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Dr. Paul Gould

I am a philosopher, a scholar, a teacher, a husband, and father. Most importantly, I am a follower of Christ. I believe that Jesus is man’s greatest need and our highest good.

I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion and the Director of the M.A. in Philosophy of Religion at Palm Beach Atlantic University. In addition, I am the founder and president of the Two Tasks Institute and a past (2019-2020) Visiting Fellow at the Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I have a Masters in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Talbot School of Theology and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Purdue University.

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Dr. Russel Rogers

It is my utmost desire to live in such a way that I honor Jesus Christ in every area of my life and live by the Christian principles which I was taught early in my life.

This is illustrated and reflected in my attitude and approach toward relationships and how I value people. Studies indicate that people in society today have a deep desire to build strong connections. Therefore, relationships are paramount in my life. I value people for the character of their heart as well as the conduct of their humanity.

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Dr. Paul Pettit

Currently serving as the Director of Placement at Dallas Theological Seminary where he also teaches as Adjunct Professor in Pastoral Ministries; Educational Ministries and Leadership; and Media Arts and Worship.

A graduate of the University of Kansas and the Moody Bible University’s Advanced Studies Program, Paul has also earned a Master's of Theology degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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Dr. Zack Mccoy

Among those pursuing doctoral degrees at the University of Dallas, Professor Zach McCoy, an adjunct professor, teaches the ever-beloved freshman courses of Lit Trad I and II.

Alongside his courses, he is currently working on his dissertation proposal on James Joyce’s “Ulysses” and W.G. Sebald’s prose fictions.

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