Lucent University is committed to providing a safe, secure, and supportive educational environment for all students, including minors. This Child Protection Policy outlines our commitment to the safeguarding and welfare of children enrolled at our institution, in alignment with DEAC accreditation standards. Furthermore, Lucent University allows the enrollment of students under the age of 18, provided that they are enrolled by a parent or guardian who will be responsible for all associated engagements and consent.

Commitment to Child Safety

Lucent University is dedicated to upholding the rights of children and protecting them from harm. We are committed to:

  • - Providing a safe environment for children to learn and grow.
  • - Promoting the welfare of children and protecting them from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • - Ensuring all staff, faculty, and volunteers understand their responsibilities in safeguarding children.

Staff and Faculty Responsibilities

All staff and faculty at Lucent University are required to:

  • - Undergo background checks and receive training in child protection and safeguarding.
  • - Remain vigilant and report any concerns about a child's welfare to the designated Child Protection Officer.
  • - Adhere to professional boundaries and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their position of trust and responsibility.

Child Protection Procedures

Lucent University has established clear procedures for handling concerns and allegations of child abuse. These procedures include:

  • - Immediate reporting of concerns or allegations to the Child Protection Officer.
  • - A clear response plan, including the investigation of concerns and cooperation with local authorities when necessary.
  • - Ensuring confidentiality and a child-centered approach throughout the process.

Education and Training

Lucent University is committed to ongoing education and training in child protection for its staff, faculty, and students. This includes:

  • - Regular training sessions on child protection and safeguarding.
  • - Incorporating child safety principles into the curriculum and extracurricular activities.
  • - Raising awareness among students and parents about child protection policies and procedures.

Review and Improvement

Lucent University is dedicated to the continual improvement of its child protection policies. The university will:

  • - Regularly review and update the Child Protection Policy.
  • - Solicit feedback from students, parents, staff, and external agencies to enhance safeguarding measures.
  • - Ensure compliance with local and national child protection laws and regulations.


The Lucent University Child Protection Policy reflects our unwavering commitment to ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for all children. We recognize the importance of collaboration, vigilance, and ongoing education in safeguarding the welfare of children and maintaining the trust of our community.