Visit Israel with
Paige Patterson


Lucent university is organizing 10 days trips to give you a unique insight into the scriptures and improve your walk with the lord. Experience the most important biblical and archaeological sites in the Holy Land accompanied by one of the foremost scholars of our time. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the Holy Land with Paige Patterson.


Our next trip will in September 2020. These are less crowded dates with pleasant weather and less chance of rain.


Lucent University welcomes everyone to go to Israel with Page Patterson. But hurry, we limit our trips to one or two buses.


Prices start at $5,350. All included. Best flights, great food, and world class accommodation.

Lucent University has developed a program based on the quality, not the quantity, of the sites you will visit. No hopping from place to place, waiting in lines, or jumping in and out of buses. Here are some points that differentiate your visit to Israel with Paige Patterson.

Only one or two sites per day
In-depth cover of each site
Sites with biblical relevance, Non-touristy places
Study materials for your pretour preparation
Licensed evangelical tour guides
Travel by private, deluxe, air-conditioned motor coach
All porterage, taxes, and gratuities
Best cost-benefit program to Israel
International round-trip group air transportation
Outstanding accommodations
Breakfast and dinner provided daily during the tour
Entrance fees to all sites
All materials included
Free DVD with the recording of all your visits

You will visit the most significant places in the Bible. Here is a list of the places Paige Patterson has selected for you.

Bethesda / Capernaum
Sea of Galilee/ Tiberias
Caesaria Philippi
Telas Fakar
Dead sea
Herodian / Bethlehem
En Gedi
Garden Tomb
Mount of Olives / Gethsemane
Holy Land Model
Mount Carmel
Caesaria Maritima
israel map
Additional fees may be assessed by suppliers for connections booked from your home city, as well as forced single occupancy due to roommate cancellation. Those fees charged will be passed along to the passenger. Change fees are not assessed for upgrades or for the addition of services unless air reservations are altered and/or travel documents must be reissued.

DISCOUNTS: Family of 4 or more: 5%.

CHURCHES: Groups of 8 or more: 10%.


TRANSPORTATION: Via major airplane carrier (AA, Lufthansa, British Airways, or EL AL) (process of people making, selling, and buying things) class. Tickets must be completed 45 days before departure. Tickets cannot be changed once issued. NOTE: Passengers may arrange their own air and pay the ground price. Passengers doing their own air MUST meet the group at the airport or hotel.

ACCOMODATIONS: Four or five-star accommodations throughout. Prices are based on two people sharing a twin-bedded room with private bath. Single rooms are subject to availability for an added cost of $950. If a passenger cannot supply a roommate and Lucent University is unable to do so, or your roommate cancels before departure, the passenger will have to pay the additional/helping charge. (You may be billed after the final payment date for single room changes (to help someone)/places to live and sleep as necessary.)

MEALS: Three meals daily: breakfast, and dinner upon (the act of reaching a destination) in Israel.

SIGHTSEEING: Local transportation is by fancy, air-conditioned bus. The services of an English-speaking Israeli guide, entrance fees to places visited on sightseeing described in this schedule are included in the tour price.

NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE: Passport costs; food and drinks (including coffee and tea) not usually included with regular meals; optional tours and trips not talked about in this schedule; (sudden unplanned bad event/crash) and baggage insurance; moving and handling excess luggage; personal tips to guides, drivers and others creating and displaying special services. Tips of $140 will be included on the final invoice. In the event it becomes necessary to overnight material due to late receipt of registration or final payments, the traveler will be billed for these charges.

INSURANCE: Acting only as agents for suppliers, Lucent University is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of luggage and/or personal belongings, or for personal injury, (sudden unplanned bad event/crash) and/or illness. For your own protection, it is important that you have (good) enough insurance to cover these possibilities. You should carry proof of insurance in the event you need medical attention while in Israel. Upon receipt of your statement, via an email, the link for optional insurance will be given.

PASSPORT: A valid passport is needed/demanded and must be received/be gotten in person by each tour member. No visas are needed/demanded for Israel. A valid passport must leave the USA. It should be valid for a minimum of SIX MONTHS after your return date; you will be denied boarding if your passport is not valid for SIX MONTHS beyond your return date.

REGISTRATION AND DEPOSIT: A deposit of $500 per person is needed/demanded at the time of registration. The deposit may be charged to your VISA, Master Card or AMERICAN EXPRESS. Registrations received inside ninety (90) days must be along with full payment. A $30 LATE REGISTRATION fee will be tested/evaluated.

PAYMENTS: After you have registered for a tour, you will get an invoice with the final payment amount and date due. Final payments should be made payable to Lucent University and must be received ninety (90) days before departure. Final payments received inside ninety (90) days will be tested/evaluated a $30 LATE PAYMENT fee. All reservations not fully paid by the thiry-day deadline are subject to cancellation, for which Tour Operator is not to be held responsible.

AIRLINE SEATS: Seats without a deposit must be released 100 days from departure. If you cancel your seat with Lucent University in writing within the 100 days there is a penalty of $100 per person.

MOBILITY: Activities on this tour may require you to be in good health and able to climb stairs without assistance, walk at a modest pace for a few miles per day on uneven terrain and be able to transport your own luggage. Because facilities in sites around the world vary significantly, accommodations for persons with mobility limitations (wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.) may not be available. If you have a medical condition (mobility limitations, pregnancy, etc.), or use medical equipment which could affect your travel, please consult your physician and notify Inspiration so we can inform you of possible travel restrictions. In case a passenger is unable to get on and off the bus or walk without the assistance of another individual, the passenger must bring someone with them to assist them.

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: If a passenger cancels his/her tour membership for any reason up to 90 days before departure, there will be a cancellation fee of two hundred dollars ($200) to cover (related to managing and running a company or organization) and communication costs. For cancellations from 90-75 days before departure, there will be a cancellation fee of $500. Cancellations received 30 days before departure: the penalty is 25% of tour cost; 58-30 days: the penalty is 50% of tour cost; NO REFUND for cancellations within twenty-nine (29) days of departure - trip cancellation and interruption insurance is available and is highly recommended. All cancellation requests must be talked to/looked at to Lucent University in writing.

IMAGE AND SOUND RELEASE: By booking this travel event you are granting permission for all persons on your reservation to be professionally photographed, audio and/or video recorded and releasing Inspiration and/or its assigns from liability, restrictions, conditions or any compensation for obtaining and using these images and sounds in future promotional materials. Images or video submitted to Inspiration may be used for marketing without expectation of compensation.


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