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Technology Programs

Our affordable accredited Degrees in Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Online are based on CompTIA, Amazon Web Services AWS, and VMware methodology. These internationally recognized programs will impart the in-demand skills you need for a successful career in the IT industry.


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Lucent University

Lucent University is a non-profit online institution committed to becoming the best technological and theological school by offering high-quality US-based education at a cost people all over the world can afford.


Lucent University is focused on preparing men and women for the workplace and ministry. Having your degree from a US-based University with a UK-based accreditation will give you a significant advantage on the job market. Having credentials from the United States and the United Kingdom will help to open the doors to jobs and ministry opportunities.


Our goal is to provide high-quality low-cost programs. We accomplish this due to two key elements. First, we are 100% online. Lucent University uses the most advanced technology to develop, produce, and distribute our content. Second, our programs are self-guided. Self-guided programs help us keep costs down which allows us to invest in the production of high-quality content.


Studying online has several advantages compared to traditional schools. Our programs allow you to study anywhere at any time, at your own pace, and you can review your video classes as many times as you need. Also, Lucent University offers students the most advanced next-generation Learning Management System that gives you the best possible online educational experience.

Technology Programs

In the technology market certifications are more valuable than diplomas or degrees. That is why our programs are certification-driven. That means that instead of adopting traditional academic programs, our courses focus on preparing you for the IT market with the end goal of you becoming certified. Having the right certification from CompTIA, Amazon Web Services, and VMware will put you on the right path for a successful IT career and give you the credentials you need to get your dream job.

The cybersecurity and cloud programs developed by Lucent University will not only grant you a degree from a US-based university, but will also offer the opportunity of you becoming CompTIA, Amazon Web Services AWS, and VMware certified. Click below to check the courses we offer and to find out the certifications on which they are based.


Lucent University calculates the cost of its programs based on the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the World Bank. This opens the doors to students to afford to study at a US-based institution. The cost of of the programs are determined by the average income of the country where you live.

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Online Classes
Lucent Computer

Lucent University developed the most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver your Technology and Ministry Degrees Online. You will enjoy your class watching videos recorded by the best professors with perfect image and sound. Also, your assignments are automatically organized for you.

After you complete your program, you will continue to have access to your dashboard.

We have developed the best learning system available. Our interface is the most advanced and the easiest to use. Your dashboard will give you access to everything you need in a single page. You can watch lessons, view your materials, and take your exams without having to constantly jump from one page to another. Also, the responsive interface allows you to view your classes in any device, no matter if you use a smartphone or a big screen TV.

Our classes are in high-definition to give you the best possible learning experience. The content is displayed in slides that are professionally prepared to present you the most relevant information. The professors appear in the top left corner of the screen giving you a personal connection similar to a regular classroom.

Lucent University is located within GIP Networks, a major data-center in the Dallas area. For 15 years GIP Networks have built their business serving mission-critical sectors such as financial, health care, oil and gas, education, telecommunication, and enterprises of all sizes. GIP Networks has the following capabilities, Secure Collocation and Business Continuity Center, 24X7 On-site staff and complementary Level-1 support, 2N power plant with redundant UPS, Multiple Redundant 10G IPv4 and IPv6 networks, over 400G network capacity, multiple and diverse power and network entrances, connectivity to local and international carriers with global network reach, proactive security and environmental control, and SSAE 16 SOC-2 Type II, PCI, HIPAA Audited and Compliant. To know more about Global IP Networks click here.

How to Enroll

STEP 1. Fill out the enrollment form and select the program. After submitting the enrollment form you will receive a Welcome Email with instructions on how to set up your password.

STEP 2. After you set up your password you will take the free Test of English Comprehension (TEC). After completing the TEC, you will receive instructions on how to pay for your tuition. Those who have English as the first language are exempt from taking the TEC and will receive a welcome email with instructions to go directly to step 3.

STEP 3. Pay monthly tuition using PayPal or any major Credit Card. After your payment is completed, you will be automatically redirected to the Student Dashboard and you are ready to start your studies.

STEP 4. Send documentation. You will be required to upload images of government-issued identification, proof of residency, and academic documentation within 30 days of your enrollment.

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